About Us

We are Connect to Bollywood Star

Connect to Bollywood Star is an modelling Agency. It was born as a passion to help and the spotlight and find the real talent.
It’s an platform to all those talents who want reach their goals. We believe that to give right opportunities to those people who are passionate about the future like us. So here the talent can show their ability and can also reach to their future goals We are a agency who presents models to work in the fashion glamorous industry.

Since this industry got started we got many talented actors and models whom we seen but what about those who’d name is not famous but their are talented . We loose those because of many fake agencies their can’t reach to their goals yet. Here we are team who start your work from day one.


Our Vision

If you underestimate your ability you will never achieve even the start-up phrase so making your ability is the first thing of our vision the main motivate of ctbs is to make people reach their goals and to highlight their talents towards others.

We believe that vision creates the ability to achieve the aim. Ctbs believes that each and every day has an opportunity to shine you just have to make your strong strategy to complete your goals. The goal of our company is to meet real talent and to give them the best platform where they can represent their talent to all Let’s achieve your future platform with us.

Our Features

The best professional portfolio for your upcoming step Our feature is to promote you and your talent to your future goals Why portfolio is needed Because portfolio is the another way to highlight your abilities and talent As we all know portfolio is the first required to this industry. the best portfolio can make your impression towards other agency. Portfolio is the first step in this industry every actor and model must make their portfolio first. Even while connecting to agency for auditions their will ask to point out your portfolio and if in your portfolio pose or any of your expression might get wrong then you may be deselected so first requirement to make your portfolio best is your photographer, your make-over, and your pose. So here we provide you the best professional photographer, your professional makeup artist and pose decider. We even give platform to new-comer as-well-as expression artist and your portfolio are going to be edited professionally and even if you would like then, you can make your portfolio with TV star and Bollywood star too, it can show that you just are already belonging to this industry. why we put meet and greet session together with your favorite celebs when we get to meet the one that is your ideal and you get inspiration by them there even your dreams come true You get positive energy to growing more in your life. Even fans can apply to meet and greet with their favorite star, so apply now and get touch with our team


Is to give students better platform in this industry so here we ctbs has been tie up with many casting agencies and production house. We even have a partnership with kabfilmsindia - a company who makes film and web shows. And the war of talent an amazon prime show who gives platform to all dancer and actors . An even give our participants audition towards ads Agency for television and channel like colors. Not only for actors we for models . So let's plan your future with our resources.

Casting Payroll

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Our Services

Model Management

Here we even provide talented models and actors to other agency . To represents fashion models and actors, to work for the Bollywood industry and fashion industry . Go and check our models and actor profile.


We make your professional portfolio with our best one. You can even make your portfolio with celebrity

Artist Management

We even do celebrity management You book your favourite celebrity from us for events, functions, shows.

Our Talenthunt Requirement

Talent is natural skill or ability which we have by born only
And here make that to improve more with us


Voice Over artists

Here we have voice over artists who can do many times type of voice over for movie, documentary ,music.


Here we have talented actor's and model who can be fit in all types of roles given by us.


Here we have professional photographer who know how to make pictures look better.


We have dancer who knows all types dance and even we have choreographer for reality dance show's.


A films is also know as movie. here we have many stories which you can take from us to use in your movie.

Music Artist

We have singer who knows all types language to sing and even we have singer who have been done reality singing show's.